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You start by buying your URL, you can do this from a variety of domain name providers but we recommend Fasthosts.co.uk who are the largest hosting company in the UK.

A URL is your domain name, the name, the address that people type into the address bar to reach a specific website, so if the name of your business is for example 'Molly's Dog Walking', you may try to purchase www.mollysdogwalking.co.uk or www.mollys-dog-walking.co.uk - (we can purchase this for you but it is better for you to register this in your own domain name) this should cost you less than £10.00 for two years.

Once you have purchased your domain name, chose a design you like and fill in our questionnaire and we will build your website using this URL and host it on our server, the first year's hosting is included and after this there is an annual fee of just £50.00 per annum.

You can have input into your website design or just leave it to us, we will show you around 12 different designs of logo to establish what you like and a variety of colours for your website, we can use your own pictures or you can use some from our stock – the choice is yours.

Your website will include a home page, services and prices page, testimonials page, gallery page and a contact us page, you can ask for more to be added at extra cost. We can add social media icons inclusive. We will also link a map of your local area from Google maps as this is good for SEO, all on page SEO will be provided as is professional email addresses for example:- info@mollysdogwalking.co.uk

If you want different names for your pages that is fine or if you want to use them for something else for example if you don't want a gallery page but want a blog instead we can provide this as an option.

We are confident you will love your new website.